Oh Hi there!!

 Thank you for popping into my little corner of the internet.

My name is Tammy, I live in Johannesburg, I was born and raised in Durban, and I moved to Johannesburg in my last year of school, I do miss home from time to time but I am happy here with my little family and Johannesburg is a good second home. I am a very outgoing, very passionate and driven person. I am a pure animal lover and wish I could save all the fur babies in the world. I can imagine everyone is a caffeine addict and there is a million and one about me pages out there stating this but I truly am in love with coffee and coffee loves me! We have been in a relationship now for 17 Years and still going sweet and strong!!!

Shhhh don’t tell but I am sharing my love for coffee with photography. That developed at a young age too, I think even before I understood what the word “PHOTOGRAPHY” meant! I can remember being around the age of 12, I asked my parents for my first film camera which believe or not I still have and I am 26 now, I remember getting it and being so excited I just started taking silly pictures of everything I could see, mean even the clouds in the sky. I sat trying to capture the shapes I had imagined. (Don’t laugh secretly all of you have tried to picture shapes and things in the clouds) I decided then that one day I would do this seriously.

I finished high school and started working straight after for an IT company, this was the best thing I had ever done for my self-confidence, my personal growth and experience. I learnt about web design, social media and digital marketing and I combined that all my love for photography, it was a perfect marriage where I could showcase my love and talent on one platform and finally turn my childhood dream into a serious reality.

I have been blogging for some time now and I enjoy every minute of it. To be honest my blog isn’t really topic or genre specific blog, it is my personal space to share my thoughts, opinions and everyday life with you.

So I hope you enjoy it, new posts out every Monday and coming soon every Thursday too.

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See you soon

Lots of Loves

Tammy Wilson