February 25, 2019

New post and this one is all about my monthly go to beauty products. We all have a shopping list of daily beauty essentials that we need and want to buy every month and so in celebration of the Beauty Fair at Dischem I have decided to share a few of my products that I buy every month. Which funny enough I actually buy all of them from Dischem too.

But before I start my listI must share; I read a funny the other day that said “You don’t go to Dischem because you need something. You go to Dischem and let Dischem tell you what you need.”This is so true because I step into Dischem to get nappies and I come out with an entire range of beauty products, nail products and a three for one Pringle special. (We all laugh because it is true.) .There must be something in the air-con I tell you.

Okay yes let me get too it, these are my monthly beauty must haves that I am currently obsessed with. 

1) My Shampoo; now yes, I recently did a post about a new Nature’s Nourishment strawberry shampoo I just bought, and Please don’t get me wrong I do love it, but I have a constant favourite which is Dove. I get this every month without fail. I used to only buy and use Tresemme but to be honest it left my hair feeling flat and looking very dull even after heat treatment or natural drying. Where in my Dove post you will see that Dove is the complete opposite, no heat needed and it is fluffy and shiny for days. 

2) My Face Wash this has been a “monthly must have” my entire life and now I feel old because I started using Oxy Q 10 when I was 13 until I found Nivea face wash I love the Nivea range of skin care but I found that the beads in the Nivea face wash for are just too soft so I changed over to Garnier face scrub about two years ago and I will never look back.

3) Cream (Body Lotion) I used to love the Nivea sensitive. I am sure you can tell by now I live by Nivea (clearly) that was until I found the Good Stuff Brand of body lotions. Love love love.

4) Shower Gel (Shower Crème) Yet another Nivea Product. I used to use The Nivea Crème until the well surprise surprise I discovered the Good Stuff’s Butterfly kisses shower gel it smells amazing and leaves your skin so soft. I hope it never goes off the market, if it does I will just go back to the Crème.

5) Bubble bath I love bubbles and I used to use the Satiskins brand until I started with the Good stuff. Both are perfect and I have no problem chopping and changing.

6.) Razors now this is an essential and I have honestly used a million different ones from the most expensive to the cheapest, I found that the Bic Soleil Belle is the best yet! I actually left one at my boyfriend’s house, and he used it once and now he only uses these as well.  

7) Shaving gel: My favourite at the moment has to be Gillette’s Satin Care Floral Passion. I like gel more than foam it works better for me. I don’t think I would use another brand, but I will definitely be trying the Aloe gel next month.

8) I knowI know I am harping on about my new-found obsession in Good Stuff’s Butterfly kisses range and all about the Sprays and Roll ons but I can’t stop myself it is just the best. I do love other brands like I mention in my previous post, I love Yardley’s Bond Street and the lantheric I love range especially the Vanilla but Good Stuff wow I will not be using anything else anytime soon.

So that is my monthly beauty must haves. What are yours?  

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