February 15, 2019



Hi mini me… It will all be okay as long as you stay strong and courageous that is all I can say. Life is about to take you on a rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs, hold on tight and remember you will get through this just fine.
Here is some advice from the future.

You will love business studies at school and tourism because you have a business mind. Follow this on to Matric. It will come in handy later on. Have lots of fun in your schooling years and make all your friends then. Once you are out of school further study in business field don’t leave it until too late like the older me did have lots of fun in your younger years and don’t take life to seriously. While studying DO YOUR LICENSE!!! I left school and focused on getting a job, a house and having this perfectly put together house and life. You will fall in love young do not let yourself get to comfortable in life it will be your downfall. Focus on making yourself independent and set yourself up to succeed. The rest will come later on.

Once you start working, know your worth but understand you are still young, don’t be a hot head. Move strategically but stay stable.
Falling in love is inevitable, falling out of love might happen don’t let it define you. Be your own person you don’t need anyone in your life to complete who you are as person. Heartbreak and tragedy will come, and you will be okay, don’t let it harden your soul but let it teach you all the lessons it needs to. It will mould you into a strong and more independent person. Let it work for you not against you.
Stay as sweet and as kind as you have always been, but do not become a doormat to suit someone else, do not settle with being treated like rubbish to try fit in. Be your own person because the world doesn’t care about your feelings and what makes you happy. It is an everyman for themselves world you will see this in your late 20s. Do not become a people pleaser!!! They don’t care about what good you do or how nice you are they only care about what you didn’t do or how you treated them.
Friends will come and go, some will stay forever and that is okay. Do not change who you are. Like I said, stick to what you love and enjoy do not change to fit into a crowd or to have friends. The true friends will be there all the time no matter what you like and enjoy. They will stay true and support you for whom you are and will not leave because you don’t fit into their ideas and visions of what they want their social circle to look like. The true friends will support and better you. remember this: As you lose the wrong friends so you gain the right ones.

Enjoy life it is short, use the experiences in life as lessons to better the person you are. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Stay humble but not naive, love everyone and work hard to get where you need to be.

PS: You are going to be a great mom to a beautiful little girl. There will be days when you wonder if you are doing a good Job or how are you coping? You are doing amazing and she loves you.

Love yourself
Older you




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