♥ Valentine’s Day Week – Day 4: Single on Valentine’s Day ♥

February 14, 2019

Single on Valentine’s Day? No biggy! Here are a few ideas for you confident and independent ones out there ready to take on Valentine’s Day by themselves.

Spending time alone for me is actually rewarding and peaceful there is just something empowering in knowing you are comfortable with your own company and you do not need anyone.

I love just walking around a mall alone, no one to wait for, you can go at your own pace for as long as you like and then going for lunch on your own and being asked (“Table for”?) and being confident and independent enough say “One please”.

Let the fun ideas being:

1. Grab a cosy blanket, some hot chocolate or coffee and do a series run for the day of all your favourites. I now love the old Classic Gilmore Girls again.

2. Have a girly day for yourself, Go and get a haircut or go for a full body, hot stone massage.

3. Go out for dinner with a girlfriend, have a few laughs and enjoy the fact that you can just do that without having to feel awkward.

4. Stay in and take a long bubble bath, have a glass or cup or something yummy and do yourself up, relax with a face mask on and some music or my favourite paint your nails and play around with some nail art.

5. My favourite one of all Get a dinner for one or order a pizza and watch the following movies Sex in the City, The devil wears Prada. Being a single woman is no longer a sad subject it is a status symbol of strength, courage and independence.

6. The crafty ones other could turn their lounge floor in a crafters zone and just go to town making new things for the house. Like a wooden towel paper box, tin Utensils holder, photo frames the list is endless.

7. Sit with some coffee and read some strong women quotes to encourage you and remind you to love yourself as you are. Yes you are single now but that in no way means you will always be single and remember that you are able to choose who you give your heart and time to instead of just settling because you are  afraid to be being alone.

Just a simple note of advice: Remember that Valentine’s Day is just another day of the year; it is just the 14th of February and it will come and go just like any other day no one should not feel complied to have someone on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the day as you see it and enjoy yourself more… Always love yourself first before you try love someone else.

Have an amazing day everyone!

Love to all!


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