♥ Valentine’s Day Week – Day 1: Love Shrine ♥

February 11, 2019

It is the month of love ❤️ and Valentine’s day is around the corner. So for this week I have set up a few posts to help the hopeless romantics and non creative ones out there come up with cute meaningful gift and date ideas for Valentine’s day. Day 1: My love shrine and month of love calendar. Who said a month of decor is only for Christmas? So I decided to make a month long love shrine. I have added a calendar of fun relationship activities and challenges, a love jar and notes and then I added candy and personal effects.

You can decorate yours how you like and add the presents to it on Valentine’s day ❤️

I hope you guys like my ideas. Tomorrow I will be doing my bought gift ideas for her, him and both of you as well as the cheap or free DIY gift ideas.

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