Smells like Butterfly Kisses

February 8, 2019

New Post!!! I always have been in love with the Good Stuff brand especially their Bee natural Wild honey and vanilla yoghurt Scented range.

But I am a typical woman I can’t stick to one fragrance for too long and recently started using their Girls Rule Irresistible Berry burst it is smells amazing. So to my delight and excitement while walking around Dischem this week and came across a few new beauties in their range and simply could not resist.

My new favourite sent from this brand is their butterfly kisses; I picked up a deodorant, Roll on and their body wash!! Yay I love new stuff…



Now like I said I am a typical woman and I have used a million and one different sprays in my life and probably will use a million different ones in the future but for now I am in love with these. I can honestly say both deodorants smell amazing, last the entire day and then some. (I kid you, not I feel like I jumped out of the TV of an ad for comfort or stay soft because every time I sit down I get a wof of the scent no matter what time of the day it.).think this is very important to women especially the active women and the busy mommies out there. 

And that roll on!! I could go on and on about it.It is EXACTLY what it says in the promotionsit is 24hr Dry no matter how active you are during the day. I put it on in the morningleave home and I do not worry about it again, It doesn’t feel sticky at allit is quick dryingit also doesn’t leave a white powdery residue on your skin and clothingit is so smooth and dry to the touchit doesn’t leave those ecky white streaks and clumpy wet balls under your arms (Yes, that is a disgusting thought and mental image but I am just being real. It has happened to all of us.) These products have lot of doesn’t do and we are all in search of that perfect spray or roll on that caters to all these problems and I think I have found the perfect one in these for all of us. But for me being a mom and providing for my little ones needs first the biggest bonus for me especially is that it is quite cheap as well, it is definitely value for money.

The Body wash wow that is all I can say! It smells just as amazing. Excited by my new stuff and new finds I couldn’t wait to hop into the bath to try out my new body wash. oh my it leaves my skin feeling silky soft but not in that slippery, slimy wet way if that makes sense. I really don’t like that feeling you get you when you bath in baby oil it is just slimy and unpleasant but that is just me. I got out of the bath and my skin smelt amazing all night long. I am in love that I just I might stick with this one for a while everyone.


Hi my beautiful people. Thank you for reading my post. Please know that this post not in any way sponsored by Dischem or Good Stuff and co. These are my true and honest opinions on this brand and products that I purchased. I just wanted to share this amazing product and brand with the world in hope that you find it and love it too. (Peer pressure)

Anyway, that takes care of the serious enjoy the shopping and have an amazing weekend everyone…

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